Top Plumbing Tips And Tricks

Not everyone can be a plumber.  It takes years of training, application and an understanding of how pipes and water systems work.  However, before spending money or calling a plumbing repair los angeles ca company it might be a good idea to learn some of the basics that anyone can do.  If after learning and applying these basics your issues aren’t resolved, then call a professional.

The shut off valve

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The most basic information you need to know about plumbing is where the shut off valve is.  In your home each device will have its own shut off valve.  This valve when closed will put a blockage between your device and the flow of the main water line. 

The main shut off valve is found outside of your home in most cases.  This is usually by the power meter or outside of a bathroom window.  Each home is different so take your time to locate the valve and inspect that it is working properly.

Keep sharp tools away from pipes

When you are around pipes such as plastic or coper make sure you are not using tools that could poke a hole in the pipe.  If you poke a hole in the pipe make sure to shut the water off at the main and call a plumber.  Trying to fix an issue like this requires more tools than the average homeowners has.

Watch what you flush

More often than not most plumbing problems can be avoided with some common sense.  The rule of thumb is, if it shouldn’t be flushed, don’t flush it.  Things like paper, baby wipes, sanitary pads and other personal hygiene products should be disposed of in the trash.  Flushing them will cause blockages and other problems down the road.

Use a plunger

Each bathroom and even the kitchen should have a plunger.  The plunger can be your best friend in most plumbing situations.  Placing the plunger over the hole of the sink, toilet or other clogged area will create a vacuum seal.  Pushing up and down will cause pressure between you and the clog.  Eventually the clog will loosen and your problem resolved.